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Now that DMX has killed all chances of selling any records of his “unauthorized album”, he’s still finding making ends meet with his fellow East Coast Hip-Hop legends, the Wu-Tang Clan.

At a recent performance, X was so amped, he openly told the audience what he felt was one of his lifetime experiences. Which is never taking a meat stick to the throat.

When it comes to oral sex … X is NOT gonna give it to ya if you have a penis — because DMX went out of his way recently to make it crystal clear he’s not gay.

It’s pretty funny … DMX broke it down during a performance with Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon last week in Florida. He repeats several times that he definitely “f**ks with these n***as” — but also adds a hysterical footnote … regarding fellatio.

Or as the Wu would put it — DMX’s mouth ain’t nothing to F with.

What would the world be without DMX? Take a look at silly video on the next page as you try to wrap your head around the question.

Photo: TMZ

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