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At a city hall meeting in St. Louis, Mo. to discuss the creation of a police oversight board, a representative of the St. Louis Police officer’s union allegedly sparked a brawl. Jeff Roorda, a state congressman who also works as the union’s business manager, reportedly shoved a woman while going to confront St. Louis Alderman Terry Kennedy.

Roorda, who was reportedly wearing a “I Am Darren Wilson” wristband, was in the general audience while an officer delivered a statement from the front of the room. The officer kept getting interrupted, which prompted Roorda to yell out for order. Kennedy responded to Roorda by saying he had no right to tell him what to do, which prompted the police union spokesman to approach the front of the room.

On his way to do so, witnesses say Roorda grabbed a woman’s arm and shoved her which made things turn for the worse. By way of various video and eyewitness accounts, including media, expletives were shouted at Roorda and chaos ensued. The woman who was reportedly shoved, Cachet Currie, told local outlet KMOV that she was trying to leave the city hall meeting when Roorda became aggressive towards her.

Alderman Antonio French, also of St. Louis, was the lead sponsor of the proposed bill for a civilian police oversight board. French took to Twitter to express his disappointment in Roorda’s behavior at the meeting. Order was eventually restored, but the meeting was ended early. The St. Louis Dispatch reported that several attempts to have the police oversight board bill heard have failed. The introduction of the board came in the wake of the shooting death of Ferguson teenager Michael “Mike” Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson.

There was no word if the bill was put to vote at the conclusion of the city hall meeting.

See the following pages for tweets, video and images from last night’s city hall meeting in St. Louis. The below video was recorded by Bassem Masri.

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