There are three sides to every story and every perp getting arrested always has a variation of one.

Benzino has a story about yesterday’s arrest for drug possession and he’s sticking with it. But it sounds like he ganked it from the Suge Knight book of struggle alibis.

Reports TMZ:

Benzino’s arrest for drug possession had nothing to do with pot being found in his flashy Maserati — instead, he says the drugs were in the police car in which he got hauled off to jail.

TMZ obtained the police report from his Atlanta arrest, and it says after Benzino was placed in the back of the patrol car … the police found a small amount of pot on the seat. Cops say the pot wasn’t there before.

The officer says he then checked Benzino’s waistband and found a small amount of marijuana residue there, and on the fingertips of his right hand.

Benzino and his attorneys released a video (which kinda looks like a hostage situation) … claiming the weed was in the cop car before he got there — even though the police report clearly makes it seem like Benzino dumped it from his waistband.

Fun fact: The arresting officer uses a “Gain” laundry detergent air freshener … which he says wasn’t strong enough to mask the pot smell in the back seat.

Let us get this right. You bought the bottle of beer at 11:15 You got arrested for weed but police had it waiting for you following the arrest?


Check out Zino’s arrest footage here. His legal press conference is on the next page.

Photo: TMZ

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