Hip-Hop Wired: You penned “Loyal” with Chris Brown, but did you foresee that it would become a phenomenon?

Bobby Brackins: I didn’t know that “Loyal” would do what it did, but I definitely think the record reestablished Chris as a superstar. I think that “Loyal” was his biggest song in the past three years. And it was originally going to be my song. My friend Ty Dolla $ign and I were working on it. Chris’ manager heard it and thought it was a hit, but Ty and I said no at first; it was our song. But Chris wanted it as a single, so we gave it to him.

HHW: Is there any regret when you give an artist a record that was initially yours and it becomes a hit?

Bobby Brackins: I feel like the record would have been big had Ty and I did it; it would have took longer to get DJ and listeners to pay attention. Chris doing it definitely lit the fire faster, because of his fans, network, and foundation. If he puts out a good song, it can catch flame over night. But I’m not mad, because I can make a million other records.

HHW: What do you appreciate about being a go-to songwriter who still has a lot to prove as a solo artist?

Bobby Brackins: It’s just dope to be able to make a living doing what I love, whether it’s behind the scenes or being the star of the show. I’m not tripping on being hella famous, I just want to make music. I just want people to hear the songs and make noise.

If a record is for myself and it does good, great. But if the record is for someone else, that’s great too, because I’m still able to make a live. And I’m getting better and better at writing songs, so I know that my time will come when it’s supposed to.

HHW: Have you received any mentorship during your time in the game?

Bobby Brackins: I’m from Oakland. I’m cool with E-40. I’m cool with Too $hort. Those guys have been making songs for 20 plus year, so it’s good to see them still making a living from music. OG homies like them keep you humble and grounded.

HHW: What’s one important lessons that one or both of those legends taught you?

Bobby Brackins: I was just with 40 a few months ago; we were backstage chilling. I was talking about some song I wrote and how dope I am. 40 taps me and asks, “But are you humble? It doesn’t matter how dope the songs are. You gotta make sure you stay humble little dude.”

He checked me real fast. But he also taught me humility.

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