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A group of self-admitted racist Chelsea soccer fans forcibly prevented a Black man from boarding a train in Paris. The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 17 at Richelieu Drouout metro station and was caught on camera by an appalled bystander. As the train reached its stop at the station, the footage clearly shows the man being pushed from entry not once but twice during the duration of the stop. He is then heard asking, “Can I get on or what?”

The group of rowdy Chelsea soccer fans made it clear what their intentions were as they chanted, “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, we’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it.” An onlooking Black woman made sure to steer clear of the ordeal.

Paul Nolan, the British man who filmed the clip via cell phone, told the Guardian that he had just happened to stumble on the unbelievable incident.

“The doors were open and I could see and hear that a lot of chanting was going on,” he said. “It looked like it was quite aggressive so I just took out by phone to record it. He was obviously completely shocked when they pushed him off. I don’t think he realised who they were. He then tried to get on again and got pushed off a second time.”

Nolan said the train was stopped a whooping three minutes with no luck for the man. He also told a radio station he overheard some World War II references as well.

“I was just completely appalled by it and so that’s why I tried to catch some of it on my phone, although I was a bit self-conscious as it was getting quite aggressive and I overheard one of the Chelsea fans say something about stabbing someone,” he continued. “I think he was referring to a Paris Saint-Germain supporter who was on the platform.”

The UEFA slammed the incident and FIFA President Sepp Blatter chimed in as well as former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi’s comments about their being “too many colored players” in Italian youth clubs.

“Pride and dignity is not a question of skin colour. Shocked by Arrigo Sacchi’s comments. Stop it,” he tweeted. “I also condemn the actions of a small group of Chelsea fans in Paris. There is no place for racism in football!”

The FIFA are looking into identifying the group in hopes of permanently banning them from all events. In the meantime, take a look at the video of the incident below.