Iggy Azalea is having a rough time dealing with being a celebrity (and actually rapping, but that’s for another day). After taking a hiatus from Twitter, the Australian born rapper has decided to quit Instagram, too.

Iggy felt a ways when a photographer managed to snap a pic of her just outside her home despite fences that were supposed to prevent that sort of thing.


Bossip reports that after catching slander for her woes by commenters, she clapped back at one, saying,

“I don’t care about being relevant. I just want to live my life and deserve for whatever I do in the privacy of my own property not to be on a blog. That’s just human decency and if it’s hard for you to understand then you have a warped sense of reality. I’m not here for yall, don’t want or need you to talk about me and would be wildly happy if being irrelevant meant being able to check the mail in the morning without seeing a photographer hiding out in a car across the street. Peace!”

Now, here account is a wrap.

Welp. Are you missing Iggy Azalea already or nah? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Instagram


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