1. University of Alabama Fights for their Right To Keep White Frats & Sororities White…And Wins

Again, why anyone would consciously live in the American South is beyond me: recently, the University of Alabama denied two black students entry into the so-called “Greek system.” The reason? Why, because they’re black, of course! This sparked outrage across the campus…to which 27 student senators replied by voting to keep their all-white fraternities and sororities exactly the way they are. After all, you can’t have black people coming into fraternities and sororities, demanding to be treated equal to everyone else. What next…give them the right to vote? Grant them equal protection under the law? Have a black President? Not in Alabama, dammit! This is ‘Merica!

Photo: Corbis

Bernadette Giacomazzo never joined a sorority in her college days…thank God. Talk to her on Twitter at @berngiacomazzo or on Instagram at @kbprfirm.

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