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A vendor in South Dakota sold a series of offensive targets at a gun show this past weekend, vehemently defending the use of a racial epithet. The gun show’s organizer expressed his anger at the vendor, who has since been banned from selling his wares at the event.

The event took place in the town of Sioux Falls when local station KSFY visited the Collector’s Classic Gun Show. The news station’s segment on the incident opened up with the ongoing discussions about race nationwide, including the unrest and tensions that have sprung up from Ferguson, Mo.

What was alarming about KSFY’s report is that the gentleman selling the “Official Runnin’ N****r” targets was largely unmoved by his use of insensitive language.

As reported by Talking Points Memo:

While a crew from KSFY was reporting on the “Collector’s Classic Gun Show,” one of the station’s photographers noticed the targets showing the cartoonish silhouette. The KSFY photographer confronted the unidentified vendor who was selling the targets for 10 cents each and who was unfazed by the photographer’s questions.

“Why are those on there?” KSFY’s photographer asked.

“Why aren’t they?” the vendor said. “They’re just targets.”

“Aren’t they offensive in nature?” the photographer asked.

“To who? Are you a negro?” the vendor said. “You know there’s some black people and then there’s some Negroes.”

The unidentified vendor also added that he’d “sold 500 of them this weekend so what difference does it make?”

Because Sioux Falls is 86 percent white, naturally there were no Black people at the event or else homeboy would have most likey been handed a proper fade. The show’s organizer, Bob Campbell, appeared on camera and said he was “disappointed and disgusted” by the unnamed vendor’s products. Campbell and other organizers claim they had no idea such items were being sold at the gun show.

It’d be great to know how white folks who think Hip-Hop music is the reason the “n-word” thrives feel about moments such as these.

Watch KSFY’s report below.

Photo: KSFY

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