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Bill Wilkinson, the former Imperial Wizard of a Klu Klux Klan chapter who went missing in 1984, has been found. Wilkinson was hiding away on the island of Belize living among Blacks, Mayans, and more on the multi-cultural island nation.

The Daily Mail scooped out this conflicted racist, who does not want to be called a racist. “I don’t hate Black people,” Wilkinson said, just before explaining why he supports segregation.

And why would a former KKK leader believe that races should be separated, all the while being accepted on an island inhabited by various races? Because he’s a “Bible-crashing segregationist.”

“That’s how is should be,” Wilkinson explained. “God has commanded me not to mix with other races.”

Despite this strange photo of what looks like a Black woman holding him like a 3-year-old child, don’t expect to see Black people too close to his family. “I wouldn’t let one marry my children or my grandchildren.”

Today, Wilkinson has been accepted by the Central American people who (ever so ironically) don’t judge him based on his past, or his skin color. Another interesting point to note is Wilkinson is a multi-millionaire hotel owner in a mostly Black neighborhood. “Life is real good,” he told The Mail. “I love this island, it’s full of very friendly people. I enjoy scuba diving, that’s what I came here for, snorkeling, fishing.”

Before he fell in love with snorkeling and fishing, he was born Elbert Claude Wilkinson in Louisiana. He later changed his name to Bill and named himself leader of a KKK chapter which he ran from the mid-70s until the mid-80s. As explained in a 1981 article titled, “Bill Wilkinson Is A Busy Cross-Burner,” David Duke’s former rival has never been shy to speak about separation, and graciously advised that Black people go back to the Motherland.

“They’ve got their place and we’ve got ours,” he said. “There’s plenty of wide open space in Africa.”

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