March has seen an uptick in discussions on race, helped along by the release of the University of Oklahoma SAE racist chant video, the usage of the n-word, Starbucks and other happenings. Black stars Common and Trinidad James have attempted to take a higher road towards racism, but Black Twitter isn’t appreciating it.

Earlier Sunday evening (Mar. 23), the all-powerful online collective known as Black Twitter sparked the #BlackCelebsBeLike hashtag, using jokes and serious commentary to mark their feelings. As one can imagine, the slander came in from all angles and has been relentless.

As far as we can tell, there’s nothing that currently set off the trending topic, but it isn’t all about race either. Some are also taking aim at Black celebrities over other matters such as interracial dating choices, claiming every race other than Black among other choice bits.

Black Twitter jabbed at Black celebrities and their overpriced fashion lines and other delusions regarding their status as well. There’s a lot to unpack here and quite a bit of it was clever. We take a look at some of the sharper tweets we’ve seen tonight.

Hit the following pages to see Black Twitter’s #BlackCelebsBeLike hashtag in action. Let us know if we missed any good zingers by way of the comments section.

Photo: The Daily Show

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