There is a cool place in hell for those who leave only a swallow of orange juice in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, shooting your son in the ass with a handgun after an argument over OJ is legally not a good look. 

Reportedly, a Baton Rouge man and his son were beefing about the empty orange juice carton in the refrigerator. Then a vase was broken. That’s when daddy pulled out his .357 Magnum.

According to The Advocate, Eldridge Dukes, 58, chased his son out of the crib, letting off at least three shots as he dashed down of the block. At least one of those bullets clipped his son in the buttocks.


The victim—again, the shooter’s son—was taken to Baton Rouge General Mid-City Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

It was the victim’s mother who called the police, and when authorities arrived, Dukes admitted to licking off shots at his own son, son.

Dukes was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter and illegal use of a dangerous weapon. We bet his son will be more mindful about drinking all the orange juice, though.

Also, Tropicana, Florida’s Natural or Minute Maid?

Photo: Baton Rouge PD


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