Back in February 2014, Shaneka Torres infamously saw her name in the news when she let emotions get the best of her and fired shots into a Michigan McDonald’s drive-thru all because they didn’t put bacon on her burger.

A juror didn’t see any logic behind that and it only took hours for them to find her guilty of the McCrime.

Reports MLive:

The jury, evenly split between men and women, reached the verdict Wednesday, March 25, after a two-day trial in Kent County Circuit Court.

Torres showed no emotion as the verdict was announced. She is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Paul Sullivan on April 21. Sullivan allowed her to remain free on a $50,000 bond prior to sentencing.

The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. on Feb. 9, 2014, when Torres returned to the McDonald’s on 28th Street SE, near Madison Avenue, for a free bacon cheeseburger.

Torres had been to the restaurant hours earlier where she ordered a bacon

cheeseburger but it was delivered to her without bacon. McDonald’s management offered her a free burger on her next visit.

Then the replacement burger also did not have bacon on it.

McDonald’s drive-through cashier Essence Lake said as she was walking away to get the new burger, the glass behind her was shattered by a bullet. Lake said had she been standing at the window, the bullet would have struck her in the forehead.

Torres did not take the stand, but the jury heard the in-car recording from the police vehicle outside her home in the Ken-O-Sha neighborhood where she was interrogated by Grand Rapids Police not long after the shooting.

After 14 minutes of denying she had anything to do with the shooting, Torres admits that she did have the gun with her. Then Torres was asked why it happened.

“There was no reason,” Torres said in the recording. “It was just dumb.”

She could face a maximum of two-five years on two charges.

Peep the pictures of the McDonald’s drive-thru crime scene below. BRUH…

Photos: FOX17

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