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Khia is back in headlines for her off-color remarks and this time the Florida rapper is contributing to VIBE for a sex column.

The “My Neck, My Back” connoisseur previously gave explicit details on her sex life to the magazine including her use of candy canes and the importance of role playing.


Now she’s back with her second set of tips and dishing out advice on how to deal with a man that lacks “control” in the bedroom.

According to Khia a man should have enough “discipline” to control himself when he’s with his partner.

“A man should always have enough discipline to control his orgasm. There’s no way you can please her if as soon as you get in, you’re c*mming all over the place. [That means] you don’t have enough respect or love for her to wait. He needs to Pleasure Oneself and get that first one out the way so we can have fun the second round.”

The femcee also tells VIBE that communication is key especially when a woman knows her man is about to “blast off.”


“I can feel when a man is about to c*m— if he starts tightening up or acting like he’s about to have an exorcism… back up and slow it down. If your guy’s not a stranger, you should know when he’s about to blast off. Tell him to talk to you so you [can say] ‘Okay go ahead’ or ‘Hold on wait for me.”

Before the article ends Khia lends some last minute advice to ladies dealing with the dreaded “one minute man” and talks “getting roughed up” and “swinging from chandeliers.”


“But for a one-minute man, once they get behind [you] it’s a wrap. If you’ve already got yours then let him go to the back and be like ‘Okay baby, just have fun.’ You can be roughed up, swinging from the chandelier, whatever, but once he gets to the back… it’s over. So women, get on top, play with yourself, bust when you want to bust, then let him get to the back. But if for some stupid reason you really don’t care, let him lay there and c*m all over himself. Enjoy.”

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