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A University of South Carolina student was suspended after a Snapchat photo of her using the “n-word” in an offensive fashion went public. The student is seen in the photo writing on a board and blaming “n—-rs” for the school’s poor WiFi service.

In the photo, the unidentified young woman is seen writing on a white board listing her complaints on why the wireless Internet service on campus “blows” in her words. At the top of the list, “n—-rs” appears and is followed by “incompetent professors,” “ratchets,” “overpopulated campus,” and “parking.”

Local news outlet WIS picked up the story last Friday (April 3) after the photo went viral and caught the attention of the higher-ups at the university.

More from WIS:

The photo, which appears to be taken from Snapchat and posted on several social media sites, shows a list of reasons why “USC’s WiFi blows.” On the top of that list is the N-word.

“I was really angry,” said Grace Steptoe, a USC Beaufort student. “I think it’s a horrible representation of the school. It’s not even a funny joke, so I don’t even understand why she would do that. I have actually had a lot of people try to say, oh, freedom of speech and everything like that, but it’s offensive, and it looked like it was on a board in a classroom, which is completely inappropriate.”

The University of South Carolina said it actually took place inside a study room.

The school’s president Harry Pastides issued a statement condemning the act, calling it “unfortunate and disappointing.”

The school is continuing to investigate the matter and has not said whether or not the student will face further discipline.

Photo: Twitter