Recent findings in the 2014 General Social Survey revealed that a majority number of Whites feel that cops hitting people is allowable. The study shows that Whites approving of police using this manner of force far outpaces Blacks and Latinos.

The Associated Press reported on the General Social Survey’s data over the weekend, with Alternet combing through the analysis in a detailed report. Essentially, at least 7 out of 10 whites polled believe that police using force against a male citizen during any interaction should occur if needed. This is compared to 42 percent of Black people agreeing with this and 38 percent for Latinos.

Alternet reports:

The results of the study aren’t surprising, given how black and Hispanic people are disproportionately killed by cops and hyper-policed when compared to white citizens. In December, an NBC/Marist College poll reported that 52 percent of white people have a “great deal” of confidence that officers in their communities treat white and black people the same; Only 12 percent of black people agreed with that sentiment.

The study also showed that 69 percent of whites and 50 percent of Hispanic/Latino people approve of officers hitting suspects looking to escape custody with only 42 percent Blacks in agreement. 69 percent of Whites approve of the death penalty, in comparison to 44 percent of Blacks and 48 percent with Hispanic/Latino people agreeing.

To view the 2014 General Social Survey, click here.

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