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On March 31, police in Vineland, N.J. approached 32-year-old Black man Philip White after responding to a call that morning about a disorderly person. Conflicting reports stated that White reached for an officer’s weapon, prompting one of the officers to straddle and beat White while an attack dog mauled the man’s face.

There is now video evidence that supports claims that the officers allowed the attack to go on despite White being down. White later died from his injuries while en route to a local hospital for treatment. Witnesses videotaped the incident with one clip showing an officer trying to confiscate one of the phones from a bystander.

The website Photography Is Not A Crime posted the clearest video yet, which shows the harrowing details of what happened that day.

More from PINAC:

A third video has surfaced from New Jersey, showing a Vineland cop straddling a non-resisting man while punching him repeatedly, ordering a police dog to join in the attack, which resulted in the man’s death last week.

“Get him! get him,” the cop orders the dog, who then begins mauling Philip White.

After several seconds, the cop then tries to pull the dog off the White, but the dog continues his attack.

White, who is on his back, has his arms in the air as the dog continues to chomp on him.

“Roll over, put your hands behind your back, do it now!” the cop orders as the dog refuses to let go of him.

When they finally pull the dog off him, the cops continue yelling at him to roll over, even though he appeared to already have been on his stomach when the video starts, only to roll over on his back to defend himself from the dog.

As with the Walter Scott case, officers claim White reached for a service weapon although early video evidence does not support their claims. According to an earlier NBC10 report, witnesses say that the unintended cops were manhandling White despite his compliance.

Vineland Police Chief Timothy Codispoti offered his condolences to the family and promised a thorough investigation. Sources told NBC10 that White had a violent encounter with police last year over a shoplifting accusation.

Click on the following page to see the video of Philip White’s encounter with the Vineland cops. A warning: the video may be disturbing to some.

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Photo: PINAC

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