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Springtime is in the air and chances are, you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones. Whether working out or wearing your music is your aim, the new Skullcandy Grind on-ear headphones managed to churn an excellent way to cover as much ground as humanly possibly. Boasting of engineered technology, simplicity and user-friendliness, they reflect the success the company has achieved without a gaudy celebrity campaign.

Check out a quick review of the Skullcandy Grind below to see if they’re the type of tool you need to unlock your swag © Rae Sremmurd.


Headphone marketing for Hip-Hop fans has relegated to the bigger the bass = the better the product. That is nothing but horseradish especially when lossless compression is being championed more than ever and stereocilia isn’t replaceable. The Skullcandy Grind allows for powerful bass and precision highs without drowning out vital portions of the music such as background vocals.


The best test for any headphones lifespan is obviously a day in the gym. After a week of working out with the Skullcandy Grind, I can comfortably give them the all-purpose stamp of approval. The new TapTech allows you to you take calls, play/pause and switch tracks easily without disrupting the exercise and the ear padded inadvertently act as a sweat band.


Nowadays being fashionable while listening to tunes is rivals actually having a pair of good headphones in the first place. Personally, I wouldn’t have worn them publicly if I felt they weren’t a good look. There are girls in the gym; c’mon now. However, they won’t replace Beats in a poser’s wardrobe who rock over-ears as part of their ensemble.


Priced at $60, the Skullcandy Grind would be considered a steal if the company didn’t already specialize in maximizing inexpensive hardware for the serious music fan.

They’re currently available at Flip through the gallery below to see additional images.

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