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A documentary starring Rhymefest will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. In My Father’s House follows the Chicago MC as he reunites with his father on a quest to “reclaim his neighborhood and discover his true self.”

Rhymfest presumed that the father he hadn’t spoken to in 25 years, was dead. It’s not until he buys his father’s childhood home, that he subsequently finds out he’s still alive. He’s homeless, battling alcoholism, and living just a few blocks away on the city’s West Side.

 The journey takes Rhymefest down a path to rehabilitate his dad and “forge a new legacy” for his own family. But reconciling doesn’t come without bumps.

His dad is so deep in addiction that he rejects the rehab process, which leads to a clash between father and son.

Emmy-Nominated filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg direct, In My Father’s House. The film premieres April 16.

View the trailer below.