If you notice an alarming amount of call-offs at your job this week, don’t fear over some last-minute flu outbreak from the winter. Mortal Kombat X is officially in stores and the tenth title in the franchise’s storied history has seriously upped the ante in the amount of gore and guts the finishing moves feature. All the Mortal Kombat X fatalities have hit the net thanks to the diligent work of the crew over at IGN.

We already gave you the best fatalities the series has to offer thus far, but that list will have to be revised in the not-so-distant future. The NeatheRealm Studios staff have collectively–and-creatively–used the high-end graphic engine to drum a new meaning for the term “brutality.” (Which just happens to be a thing again in MKX.)

Quan Chi accomplish what Shang Tsung could not, which is survival and his sorcery skills have dangerously improved, evidenced from the way he invites his fallen opponents to feast their mouths onto his blade. The same can be said for Ermac who has seen to develop a fascination for the enemy’s entrails. Familiarity is still intact though, as Johnny Cage retains his sick sense of humor and Sub-Zero is still ice-cold on his foes. Sonya Blade’s days as a hand-on killer are all but done but her daughter, Cassie has the viral distinction of having the first “Selfie Fatality.” It’s actually not as silly as it sounds, given the amount of blood it took make it happen.

And if you happen to suck at playing looking for an easier option, there’s actually an app that allows you to buy Mortal Kombat X fatalities for the low.

Watch all the Mortal Kombat X fatalities in the video below. Additionally, check out “The 20 Greatest Mortal Kombat Characters.”

Photo: NetherRealm Studios

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