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A new Iggy Azalea interview often means a new quote where she gets called out for hypocrisy, tone deafness, naivety and more. In the latest case, the Australian rapper told Marie Claire that she hopes the slander she caught for having cellulite shows women that her body is relatable. 

“I hope women think, Iggy Azalea actually has a body that is relatable to my body… and you should feel f*cking good about that,” Azalea told Marie Claire, whose new May issue she also covers.

This is where we and just about everyone else points out that Azalea recently copped to having gotten breast implants.

There is also the question about the authenticity of her aforementioned booty. So yeah, Iggy is relatable if you have fake boobs and can afford butt shots.

So did Iggy Azalea put her foot in her mouth again, or should we let her live?

Photo: Marie Claire