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Despite Snoop Dogg‘s “uncle” status in Hip-Hop, he still garners quite a bit of hate from those who refuse to let go of his past image. The top law enforcement official in Texas called the Long Beach rapper a “dope smoking cop hater” after a photo of Snoop and a Department of Public Safety trooper went public.

Trooper Billy Spears appeared in a photo with Snoop Dogg back in March during the SXSW Music Festival. Spears was working off-duty at the festival in a security capacity. The photo made its rounds throughout social media and seemed to be nothing more than a good-natured photo op. However, Spears was disciplined by DPS for taking the photo because of Snoop’s criminal past.

As reported by the Associated Press, Spears is suing the DPS for disciplining him over the photo and his attorney was able to obtain emails that came from DPS chief and former FBI official, Steve McCraw. McCraw, who also heads Texas’ border security, expressed some strong thoughts via email.

“Apparently he would rather work the convention while on a week’s vacation to earn additional money rather than take an additional tour on the border,” McCraw wrote. “He must not understand that he was being lampooned by a dope smoking cop hater which reflects very poorly on the department.”

The emails have been confirmed, but DPS officials are keeping mum on other details. And from the looks of things, Snoop Dogg wasn’t the only star Spears took photos with as Shaquille O’Neal, Rob Zombie and others were also named in the released correspondence.

Spears contends that he was reprimanded by DPS in response to filing a complaint against a superior officr. He is seeking damages yet known in a Travis County court.

Photo: Instgram