Azealia Banks seems to be getting deeper into her craft and quieter on the end of Twitter beefs. This is very good news for her career, and for her fans.

After a chaotic few years, Banks dropped her Broke with Expensive Taste debut in late 2014, and she’s already working on album No. 2. The new release will be titled, Business & Pleasure, and comes out sometimes next year, Banks revealed in an NME interview.

The Harlem rapper didn’t go into any details about what the album will feature, although she did speak to the growing pains of the music business, and being frugal with her Interscope checks even though she got dropped from the label. “I put it away in $250,000 amounts. I’m still getting another $250k payment in my account next year. Because I’ve always been very careful with money. Like, when my mom used to give me $20, at the end of the week, I’d still have $15. I always knew I was never gonna end up a broke b*tch.”

Besides music and money, Banks says she’s moved on from all the arguing. Those days are  officially (hopefully) behind her. “Am I hanging up my fighting gloves? Yeah,” she admitted. “I’m a lady. I don’t wanna be dealing with that. Now, when you feel the adrenaline going, you stop yourself. I’m done with that. I’ve done it already. You’ve seen me curse people out. Let’s do something else now.”

Photo: Instagram

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