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Celebrities participating in viral charities tend to get a misplace backlash for the publicity it brings. The general public sometimes needs reminding that sometimes star power can be used for the greater good of mankind.

Which is exactly what NBC is hoping will be accomplished for tonight’s live telethon for Red Nose Day; a global charity aimed to thwart impoverished youth. Today, May 21, 2015 marks the first-ever Red Nose Day in the United States and everyone involved hopes to make a big dent in the ongoing dilemma.

As the tweet above states, stars will be on standby for tonight’s Red Nose Day telethon. The event is being organized by Comic Relief, Inc. after Red Nose Day achieved much success in London, raising £1,047,000,000 in its 30-year history. ($1,641,067,800 in USD.) Grammy Award-winners Sam Smith and John Legend even collaborated on a track titled “Lay Me Down” in March.

Thanks to social media, a plethora of celebrities were able to reach a wide range of followers, as seen by Mrs. Kim Kardashian West’s photo-op.

Flip through the gallery below to see who else is getting in on the Red Nose Day action and don’t forget to tune in to NBC and visit your local Walgreens to donate.

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