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Hopping on the wave of 2010 releases, J. Cole finally reveals the release date for his much-anticipated debut album.

During an interview with Jenny Boom Boom, the Roc Nation artist stated that the album should hit the mainstream October 26, but he adds that he will push for the project to be released even sooner.

Cole gave an update on what’s left to do on his first studio effort.

“Every song that’s on my album is there now. It’s just about tying up the loose ends. One song needs like two verses, [another] song still needs some instruments. But I do finally have all the songs that are going to be on my album. I was missing, like, two songs before.”

So…does this album even have a title???

The rapper also spoke on how Jay-Z has reacted to what he has heard so far from his first artist.

“I think he’s more so impressed with the fact that I kind of just did this on my own. I got in [the studio] with No I.D., but a lot of the stuff has been coming from me. So I feel like [Jay] looks at me like, ‘Yo, he can really produce.”

Well there you have it folks, finally a date to look forward to.  Let’s see how the “next in charge” decides to follow up “Who Dat” and how much Jay will play a role.