On Easter Sunday 2012, Nakwon Foxworth found himself in the center of a hostage situation where he eventually fired–and wounded–four police officers in Brooklyn.

Following his guilty verdict, a judge rejected all his self-defense arguments and sentenced him to a mind-blowing 110 years in prison, to which Foxworth met the revelation with a cheesy grin.

Reports NYDailyNews:

“I’ll be back,” Nakwon Foxworth said in Brooklyn Supreme Court after apologizing to members of his own family “for my absence” since he was arrested in April 2012 — but never uttering a word of condolence to the Emergency Service Unit cops he shot.

Foxworth, 36, was convicted at trial last month by a jury that did not buy his self-defense argument that he opened fire on cops in the Sheepshead Bay apartment where he was barricaded only after, he claimed, they shot at him first.

The incident happened April 8, 2012 — on Easter Sunday — after Foxworth began arguing with moving men over items blocking the building hallway. Foxworth, who had an arsenal in the apartment, briefly held his pregnant girlfriend and infant son while hostage negotiators tried to defuse the situation.

But the key piece of evidence, Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Taub pointed out, were text messages Foxworth sent during the standoff indicating he had no intention of returning to prison.

It should be noted that while a jury easily convicted Foxworth of shooting the officers, the polar opposite couldn’t be accomplished for Cleveland cop Michael Brelo’s shooting, especially when his aftermath looked like this.

Photo: New York Daily News/Kevin C. Downs