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It can’t be stressed enough that police officers need to do more policing and less of everything else they’re constantly making news for. A former Florida cop is probably wishing he didn’t let his temper get the best of him and he still had a job after he was fired for excessive force for battering a handcuffed Black man.


Officer John Pickett has officially been fired over how he dealt with Parker Beasley in January.

Officials said Pickett is seen on in-car video punching a handcuffed Beasley in the back seat of the car.

Raw: Dashcam shows suspect being punched (Warning: Graphic language)

Authorities said that the explanation that Pickett gave in a 16-page internal affairs investigative report doesn’t match the video.

Picket said he punched Beasley as a reaction to Beasley spitting on him. Pickett said during the investigation that he was pushing Beasley down, concerned that he would lunge and attack him or escape.

When Beasley was arrested, officers placed a spit shield over his face, but the investigation revealed that Beasley, in a drunken state, might have accidentally spit while yelling at Pickett.

In Pickett’s termination letter, the chief of police said: “Furthermore, even if the prisoner did spit at you, hitting the prisoner is not an appropriate action.”

Investigators said Pickett violated several policies, including use of force and withholding information.

Pickett has a right to appeal his termination.

Just in case you’re wondering, Pickett pleaded not guilty to the battery charges.

Photo: WESH