Are racists such cowards they’re afraid to express their hatred to a person’s face?

There is no need to answer that; the question was rhetorical.

D’Anthony White, a disabled Black man living in Maryland, shared a racist note on his Facebook page after a closeted bigot stalked him when they saw him parking in the handicap spot.

Reports My Fox DC:

D’Anthony White, 30, uploaded a picture of the note to Facebook. It included the N-word and said, “The only thing hadicap [handicap] on you is your brain you lazy n******.” FOX 5 has blurred the N-word from the note.

White is legally blind, but he does not typically use a cane or wear glasses. He said the note was left even though he displayed his parking placard.

“My initial reaction was, ‘You don’t know if I have a disability or not. All disabilities are not visible,’ ” said White. “Just because you can’t see my disability, don’t make the assumption I don’t have one.”

In a post on his Facebook page, White explained how Sunday’s incident was not the first time he has encountered problems because of his disability.

“I try not to let any of the ignorance bother me too much – then they’ve won,” White said.

This is the part of the report we report that ignorance begets ignorance and the racist can’t spell. Also, for anyone inquiring, being legally blind can mean White’s vision can not be corrected with glasses or contact lenses to any better than 20/200. So a legally blind person with 20/20 vision can still operate a vehicle and obtain a handicap placard. Also, he wasn’t driving. His fiancée was.

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Photos: Facebook/FOX News

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