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If you’re old enough to remember some of the more graphic scenes in the 1986 film The Fly, then you’re probably leery about watching arm wrestling contests.

Brace yourself. The worst possible outcome was made a reality during a live charity arm wrestling contest on the Australian TV show The NRL Footy Show.

Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor, a pair of former professional rugby player, locked arms for the grand finale in the “Iron Arm Challenge.” All seemed well until five seconds into the match, there was a snap, crackle and pop without the Rice Krispy treat and Ross began writhing in pain. The show immediately cut to commercial but it was obvious that Ross had damaged something.

According to the NYDailyNews, he had broken the humerus bone, which spans from the shoulder to the elbow. He was immediately taken to the hospital and patched up where he reportedly remained in good spirits and was anticipating a left-handed rematch. After all, how often do freak accidents occur in arm wrestling contests?

Watch Ross get it cracking in the video below…if you dare.

Photo: The NRL Footy Show YouTube