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Are you the type of seedy individual that wonders what type of toilet paper Nicki Minaj uses? 

Well thank TMZ for providing you this wonderfully useless information.

We know there are plenty of you out there that actually care. Please, keep it to yourself.

We got ahold of Nicki’s concert rider, and the list of demands — from her meats to her crapper — is spectacular. 

First, the ins:

– 12 pieces of fried chicken

–  2 strip steaks (well done)

– 4 bottles of Nicki’s MYX Fusion Muscato wine

– 4 mini-bottles Sutter Home chardonnay

Now, the outs. Barbie’s bathroom must have:

– 4 rolls of “good quality” toilet paper (Quilted Northern or Charmin Ultra only)

– 1 box of baby wipes (gotta have backup)

Bottom line? Nicki ain’t going Downtown Julie Brown when she’s on the road. If you don’t know … Google it. Carefully.

Don’t let those wipes muck up your septic system, though.