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Recently, up and coming Atlanta rapper OG Maco spoke candidly about the content of Future’s music, particularly its glorification of drug use. It seems like someone who is a fan of the latter’s hijacked Maco’s website. 

When you go to, you are greeted with a smiling face of Future Hendrix and the question, “Is for sale?”

The answer should be easy to guess if you’re up on OG Maco. A call to the phone no. on the “ad” leads to a voicemail asking you to leave a message and the price you’re willing to pay to claim the domain for yourself.

So petty.

However, Maco isn’t pointing the finger at Future just yet. “Whoever bought the domain name for did it September of last year. If @1future did that, let him speak on it,” he tweeted.

Is the #FutureHive to blame? We’ll seen find out.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired