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Chuck D’s recent thoughts on Bill Cosby during the embattled comedian legend’s darkest hour, fully exemplifies why he is one of the greatest Hip-Hop minds of all-time.

The Public Enemy frontman put the current condemnation of Cosby into context by comparing him to any other celebrity whose done less-than-stellar moments in life.

“We are living in a wild bizarre time. Character assassination very real Dr. Cosby & [Confederate flag] down in same week. Status is currency to masses,” he began. “They’re taking his name and statues down but is every situation giving his money back to him since its dirty money? My own father is 77 why would I listen watch a TV actor as a father figure? We have to look real people in eyes and not images.”

The seasoned rap vet let made it clear that he wasn’t defending the insurmountable allegations against Cosby, but he made some pretty strong comparisons in historic context.

“This wiping history out with a swoop is akin to Nazi book burning.Context is everything. Phil Spector still plays…”

Spector, the iconic 1960s music producer, was convicted of second-degree murder in 2003 for killing actress Lana Clarkson. He is currently rotting in prison.

Flip through the gallery to see the full Chuck D Bill Cosby off-the-cuff think piece.

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