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The accusations of B.B. King’s daughters trolling for more inheritance money have seemingly been proven accurate.

A Las Vegas coroner told Rolling Stone that 89-year-old simply died from natural causes on May 14 with Alzheimer’s disease being the “primary contributing factor.”

Shortly after the well-traveled musician’s death, daughters Karen Williams and Patty King alleged that manager LaVerne Torey and his longtime assistant Myron Johnson kept their father ill in order to expedite his passing. Just like the previous claims, lawyer Brent Bryson slammed them for their outlandish lies.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. King’s body had to be subjected to a needless autopsy based upon fictional assertions,” Bryson said in a statement. “As expected, the autopsy report confirms that Mr. King died as a result of natural causes, and not as the result of poisoning or other wrongful conduct by Louise LaVerne Toney, Myron Johnson or anyone else. Both Ms. Toney and Mr. Johnson are happy that the spurious and disparaging allegations made by certain of Mr. King’s children against them, have been dispelled. Perhaps we can now focus on the body of musical work Mr. King left the world and stop the ‘witch hunt’ so that Mr. King may now finally rest in peace.”

Ms. King and Ms. Williams will have to live with their measly $3,000 inheritance settlements, unless they want to whittle it down on conducting an independent autopsy.

Photo: PBS