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Iggy Azalea wasn’t lying when she insisting her NBA fiance, Swaggy P wasn’t trolling when he told her that he wanted R. Kelly to sing “Marry the Pu**y” at their wedding.

Well word has gotten back to the Pied Piper and after realizing that it wasn’t a joke, he tells TMZ he’s all for it.

“I got that request…and I didn’t think it was real until I met my man today,” Kellz said after bumping into Nick Young in New York City. “Not that I know it’s real, we gotta sit down and discuss the logistics of the whole thing,” he continued with a chuckle.

Released on his last album, Black Panties, “Marry the Pu**y” is as parental advisory as a song can get. The chorus utilizing the chant: “This is a sex proposal/I just wanna marry the pu**y.” Although the R&B star knows this isn’t exactly a family friendly track, he still isn’t ashamed of creating the record.

“Well anything I wrote, I’m open to perform,” Kellz explains. “I wrote the song so I put [it] on myself. I never thought anybody on the planet would come and ask me to sing it for a wedding but you know what, it should be fun.”

If this event indeed goes down (likely to the chagrin of Azalea), it’s vital that it be televised.

Watch R. Kelly explain himself in the video below.

Photo: Instagram/R. Kelly