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Federal agents were mad a notorious NYC Crips gang were flagarant, and they recently closed a months-long investigation to ensure they were off the streets for good.

NBC New York is reporting that twenty members of the Outlaw Gangster Crips have been arrested on charges of murder conspiracy, drug, weapons, fraud and racketeering. The craziest accusation however is by far an incident where they allegedely beat down a man and threatened his girlfriend for listening to Bobby Shmurda.

The popular “Hot Ni**a” rapper, who has been locked up on similar chargers for nearly a year, is said to be a leader of the GS9 Crips.

“With this indictment, we are returning the streets of East Flatbush to the people of East Flatbush — who should not have to live in the midst of gun violence, murder plots, and drug dealing,” Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson tells NBC.

Brooklyn isn’t the only hub the OGC gang is said to induce havoc. They are also said to have committed crimes in Norwich, Connecticut and Martinsburg, West Virginia between October 2013 and July 2014.

Let’s just hope the OGC aren’t being hauled to Rikers Island where Shmurda and Co. are hanging and banging at. The like would spell the inevitable for more bad headlines.

Photo: NBC New York