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A Black man had a job to do, even if it involved helping a white supremacist dirt bag. A photo showing a Black police officer helping a swastika wearing protester in South Carolina who reportedly was suffering from heat exhaustion went viral this weekend. 

Reports the Huff Post:

At a Ku Klux Klan rally held at the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday, there were many images of hate: men and women shouting slogans of bigotry and division, their clothing emblazoned with symbols of intolerance.

But the most memorable image of the day wasn’t one of hatred at all. It was quite the opposite — a photograph of a black police officer giving a white supremacist a helping hand.

The powerful photo, captured by Twitter user Rob Godfrey, shows police officer Leroy Smith helping the unidentified KKK supporter out of the sun. The older man, pictured wearing a National Socialist Movement t-shirt, is said to have been struggling in the scorching Columbia heat when Smith went to his aid.

Would you have helped the Klansman in need or would you have gone about your business?

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Photo: Twitter/@RobGodfrey