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Black Twitter is a phenomena that isn’t going away anytime soon. The pervasiveness of nostalgic hashtags, progressive movements (see: #BlackLivesMatter) and even the LA Times hiring a Black Twitter reporter is a testament to it staying power.

The tendency of like-minds to congregate and mingle, whether it’s the lunchroom table or on Twitter, is nothing new. So once again Hip-Hop Wired put together a list of Black Twitter’s most prominent and influential members, and spread them across four categories: Slander Kings (and Queens), Cultural Commentators, Music Mavens and Fashion Killas.

This isn’t purely a question of who has the most followers, who drops the most profound tweets or who has become a master troll. All the aforementioned qualities were considered when determining who made cut, as well as nuanced factors like whether or not you engage your followers or people actually RT and listen to you.

Over a month we’ll spotlight the best of the best, and first up is Slander Kings (and Queens). Obviously, these individuals are known to keep Twitter lit with jokes, sarcasm and debauchery, at times.

Surely, you’ll let us know who we may have missed (just use #BlackTwitter100 when you do) . Head on over to to see who was no. 1.