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As the details surrounding the police shooting death of 19-year-old Angelo State University football player Christian Taylor, questions have been continuously mounting on what actually happened. With reports saying that the officer who killed Taylor was still in training, social media has used the unfortunate moment to lament the loss and demand justice.

Officer Brad Miller, which the Dallas News writes is a 49-year-old trainee, just graduated from the Arlington Police Academy this past March and was working under an officer’s supervision. As we reported Friday evening, Miller was responding to a burglary call at the Classic Buick GMC dealership around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning. Reports say that Taylor was inside a showroom after using a vehicle to drive through its glass front. There was a reported altercation of some sort, which is when Miller gunned Taylor down.

What makes this case curious is that friends and family of Taylor say he wasn’t the type to steal and that his Christian faith was something he valued more than anything. Most believe that Taylor wasn’t there to steal a car and there’s little evidence to support claims on either side. Arlington police don’t have body cameras and the video inside the dealership didn’t reveal what happened in the shooting.

Social media users, especially on Twitter, have chimed in with their own thoughts about what happened with Taylor. As the incident happened in Texas, there were some mild comparisons made to the Sandra Bland case as well. Although many theories abound, police say they are still investigating the matter. However, skeptics feel that this is another in a long line of white police officers taking Black lives.

View the following pages to see social media band together and discuss the unfortunate case of Christian Taylor by way of the #ChristianTaylor hashtag.

Photo: Angelo State University Athletics

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