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There may be a new host looking to take over the talk show industry, and her name is Amber Rose. Yes, that is correct.

Rose is rumored to be getting her own show and she added to the fury with this tweet.

It definitely sounds like she’s getting a talk show, but will anyone watch? Sure they will.

Rose already has a large following on social media, she’s a socialite, she dated Kanye West and married Wiz Khalifa, her list of credentials just keep going.

Outside of her personal relationships, Rose has become an activist of sorts. She’s planning a “Slut Walk” to fire back at “slut shaming” and a woman’s right to do whatever’s clever. Plus she’s a mom, she’s working on a powerful new book called How To Be  A Bad B*tch, and  she’s wholly committed to making the world a better place through butt selfies.

It’s clear that this Philly native is all about representing women in the best way possible, and bursting through stereotypes that a woman’s worth is centered around her body. Needless to say, if there’s a show it might be interesting.

But if there’s no show, and we’re just being trolled, pretend we never had this conversation.

Photo: WENN