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Anyone interested in learning how it felt to be a slave? Playing History: Slave Trade 2, allows teachers to help young students  transport to different historic time periods, including the 18th century where they will “experience the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade,” as a “young slave steward on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean.”

Um, WTF?

The game is two years old, but just became popular because Twitter found out about it, and was promptly slandered for the very idea of trivializing the slave trade.

A description of the game reads:

The Slave Trade Travel back to the 18th century and experience the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. In this episode you will work as a young slave steward on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean. You must serve your captain and inform him about all suspicious behavior. But what do you do when you discover that your sister has been caught?

Serious Games Interactive, the Denmark company behind this racist atrocity doesn’t get why people are upset/offended. On the game’s website it notes that Playing History won a BETT Award (not to be confused with a BET Award) for “Best Learning Game” in Europe.

In addition, Serious Game Interactive has a game called Slave Tetris, which has also been getting some backlash.

Check the video below for a full feel for how disgusting the game truly is, and hit the flip for the company’s ignorant defense.


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