Joe Budden has been battling some legal issues after he was charged in August 2014 for felony assault and robbery of his ex-girlfriend. Budden’s attorney is hoping to get the charges against his client dropped and cites the fact that the rapper has been keeping his nose clean by staying clear from his former strip club habit.

Budden made headlines nationwide when he openly taunted the NYPD to find him inside a strip club after the alleged assault and robbery of his ex. But now, Budden’s legal team is looking to clear the name of the Slaughterhouse member and prove he’s been flying straight since. Bossip exclusively reported on the matter.

From Bossip:

Love & Hip Hop New York alum Joe Budden has stayed out of strip clubs after he taunted police to come find him in one while on the run for allegedly beating an ex-girlfriend.

The claim was among Budden’s lawyer’s reasons why his felony robbery and assault charges should be dropped.

Nami Amiri, Budden’s lawyer, said his client hasn’t been in a jiggle joint in the past year and posed no threat to the ex-girlfriend, whom he’s accused of robbing, beating and throttling.

“Joe, at this point, is anxious to get this resolved,” Amiri said outside court. “And by resolved, I mean dismissed.”

But the judge wasn’t having it, ordering Budden’s case to head to a grand jury in December. The judge also extended an order of protection between Budden, 35 and the ex-girlfriend.

The entire ordeal occurred after Budden’s ex said that he was angry because of some photos he saw of her with other men on Instagram. Budden allegedly pulled her from a restaurant in Manhattan and cuffed her cell phone. Later, Budden allegedly forced the woman into his vehicle and headed to his New Jersey home where he physically assaulted her.

Budden, who appeared in New York court on Thursday with his attorney, offered no comment and allowed his counsel to do the speaking for him.

Photo: Instagram

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