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A mother in Georgia experienced what is likely one of a parent’s worst nightmares when she called 911 as her two sons allegedly tried to kill her and her husband over the weekend. The sons, ages 17 and 22, attacked their parents inside the family home, but the quick-thinking father was able to distract them long enough for the mom to call for help.

Yvonne Erwin dialed the emergency number while her badly injured husband attempted to fend off sons, Cameron and Christopher Erwin, both of whom live at home with their parents. “That was probably a life-saving move from this event,” said Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Rich Long.

When officers responded to the residence, located roughly 30 miles outside of Atlanta, the mother was found badly injured and bleeding. The father, Zachary Erwin, collapsed as he walked out of the garage. He was hospitalized in critical condition and is expected to survive. ”He had a lot of head and body injuries from blunt force trauma and stab wounds on his back,” Long revealed.

The motive for the attack is unknown.

Neighbors were shocked to hear about the alleged murder plot. “You would never even expect that,” said neighbor Clint Miller. “They’re just an everyday normal family in the neighborhood.”

Police say the brothers were planning to burn the house down, as a smell of natural gas was present upon entering the residence, police say. They were arrested for double counts of two counts of aggravated assault and arson.

Photo:  Gwinnett County Police