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The name Nicole Arbour will probably forever live infamy as the alleged YouTube comedy star just saw her biggest video become the catalyst for an anti-her campaign.

“Dear Fat People,” the Canadian comedian’s latest contribution to the viral space, immediate racked up more than a million views following its September 3 premiere date caused more controversy than chuckles and was even temporarily pulled from YouTube.

In the opening lines of the recently reinstated video, Arbour chides, “Dear fat people–oh no, some people are already mad at this video. What are you going to do, fat people? Are you going to chase me?” and later goes on to say there is no such thing as fat shaming, when she is doing exactly just that. She also pointed out that “big sassy Black women in church dresses are my favorite thing in the world.”

Arbour, in utter disbelief of the backlash, tweeted:

Since then, a series of petitions, response videos and think pieces have been directed at “Dear Fat People,” which, is worth nothing, has more than 20 million views on Facebook.

Check out some of the slander she has amassed in the gallery below. Now would be a good time to switch careers.

Photo: YouTube

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