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Technology has allowed for victims of sexual assault obtain the justice they so desperately deserve and the Obama administration the New York City district attorney are joining forces with a financial granite program to ensure its success.

A massive $79 million effort to expedite the testing of the sexual assault evidence in the nation’s rape kit backlog.

Vice President Joe Biden made the announcement yesterday, September 10, in New York City, which may have also been the precursor to a presidential bid in 2016.

“When we solve these cases, we get rapists off the streets,” the V.P. said in a statement. “The grants we’re announcing today to reduce the national rape kit backlog will bring that sense of closure and safety to victims while improving community safety.”

The Hill reports that there a literally hundreds of thousands of rape kits collecting dust across the country while Biden says the solve rate goes up 50 percent when they are finally tested.

The federal government will pony up $41 million in grant money while New York will kick in $38 million to clear up 27 states worth of rape kit backlogs.

Photo: Baltimore Sun