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Getting the perfect selfie can unfortunately be fatal. A 66-year-old Japanese tourist died trying to snap a photo of himself at the Taj Mahals royal gate.

Last week, Hideto Ueda was visiting the site (which gets hit up by more than 12,000 visitors daily) with three others, when he slipped and fell during the selfie attempt. Ueda immediately lost consciousness, and suffered a heart attack.

“He was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital but he could not be revived,” said officer Sushant Guar. “A postmortem was carried out and the cause of death is heart attack. We have duly informed the Japanese Embassy about the unfortunate incident.”

A colleague who fell with Ueda fractured his leg.

Selfie deaths and injuries are becoming a sad trend in the Internet age. As the Huffington Post notes, a man in Mexico shot himself in the head while trying to take a gun selfie last year. A woman in Romania tried the same thing, though she survived the head shot, and there have been multiple incidents of teens electrocuting themselves after selfie attempts on trains in Russia.

Photo: screenshot