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Tragedy has struck the home of former Miss USA Ali Landry’s home and all indicators point that it has something to do with Mexican cartel gangs.

Juan Manuel Gómez Fernéndez and Juan Manuel Gómez, father-in-law and brother-in-law of Landry’s respectively, were both found dead due to traumatic head trauma approximately sixteen days after they were reportedly kidnapped. Landry, 42, is married to Little Boy filmmaker Alejandro Gómez Monteverde.


Juan Manuel Gómez Fernéndez and his son, Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde, each had sustained traumatic brain injuries and had been dead for several days when they were discovered in a rural area known as El Chachalaco, in the municipality of Pueblo Viejo in northern Veracruz on Saturday, Veracruz state prosecutor Luis Angel Bravo Contreras tells PEOPLE in a written statement.

Fernéndez and Monteverde were kidnapped on Sept. 4 after leaving their home in Tampico, Tamaulipas, a dangerous area known for gang activity, the Latin Times reports. A report of their disappearance had previously been filed with Mexico’s federal special prosecutor for organized crime investigations, SEIDO, in Mexico City.

The Latin Times also states that Monteverde’s brother, Juan Manuel, was part owner of a restaurant in Tampico that had allegedly reported cartel dealings in the past.

Televisa news anchor Carlos Loret de Mola reports that a ransom was paid for the victim’s release, but the kidnappers refused to set them free.

So the kidnappers got paid and still pulled off the executions? Even for gangstas, that’s a new low. Condolences to the Monteverde family.

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