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A Florida teacher at Countryside High School in Clearwater is under fire and investigation for allegedly calling Black kids in her math class “ni**ers.”


Reports WTSP:

A math teacher at Countryside High School is under investigation by the Pinellas County School District for possibly using a racial slur to try and quiet students down Tuesday.

“She said quiet down you n—–,” said Jabari Johnson, a 10th-grader at Countryside High. “I looked at my friends and was like, did she just really say that?”

After the comment, Johnson says the teacher made them put their heads on the desk and remain quiet for the rest of the period.

Johnson said he didn’t expect to see the teacher Wednesday when he showed up in class, but she was teaching.

“She told us she said Nikki, not n—–,” Johnson said. “My view of her has changed.”

Another classmate made her own statement Wednesday by scribbling the n-word onto a piece of notebook paper and pinning it to her chest.

“I told her to not call me by my name but to call me n—–, since that’s how you referred to me yesterday,” Shaimya Baldwin said.

The 10th-grader said she was given a referral and could possibly serve an in-school suspension tomorrow.

The district says it has received several complaints about the incident, but wouldn’t comment on how many. The teacher continues to work during the investigation.

Who’s side are you on? The Florida teacher or the kids. Let us know in the comment section.

Photo: WTSP