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When you’re Rihanna, simply tweeting the name and cover art of your new album will not suffice. Instead, she took to the MaMa Gallery in Los Angeles to reveal her forthcoming album’s cover and title, Anti.

The artwork was created by Roy Nachum.

Reports Billboard:

Sauntering into the gallery mobbed by fans and press alike, Rihanna said a few words and announced that the project officially has a title: Anti. “This is my favorite album cover I’ve ever done,” she said to screaming fans before a black sheet covering her album art was taken down (not by her, of course: “I’m not going to climb up that ladder in these heels”).

The cover features an image of a young Rihanna holding a black balloon, with a gold crown covering her eyes. Over the red-and-white canvas cover, a poem written by Chloe Mitchell is written in Braille. The Braille and sight-obscuring crown follows the theme of all the album art so far, which Nachum is making as a statement on vision and vision impairment. As Rihanna said after its unveiling, “Sometimes the ones who have sight are the blindest.”

And no, there still no release date for the project.

Check out images of the album cover and the interior packaging below and on the flip.


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