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A Los Angeles federal judge unsealed the deposition videos of Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke being interviewed for their “Blurred Lines” trial. Unless you are a Marvin Gaye family member trying to get paid, the clips are pure comedy as Thicke admits to being drunk and high during interviews and Williams is thoroughly annoyed by the lawyer asking him questions. 

Reports ABC 7:

In the newly-released videos, Thicke admits that he was “high and drunk” during media interviews in which he tied his song with Gaye’s, while Williams explained how much of “Blurred Lines” he wrote.

During the trial, the jury watched Williams’ 14-minute deposition video. His responses were short and he said another attorney had asked him a “myriad of ludicrous questions.” When asked about his ability to read music, Williams simply said “I am not comfortable,” telling the attorney “I am not here to teach you music.”

“Blurred Lines,” best known for its controversial video, spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the charts and has sold more than 7.3 million copies in the U.S. alone, according to Neilsen Soundscan figures.

Some jewels from the interview include:

•”When I give interviews I tell whatever I want to sell records,” said Thicke, who says he didn’t do a single interview where he wasn’t high on Vicodin and drunk.

•Pharrell continuously saying, “I’m not comfortable,” when being asked to read sheet music.

•Also, Pha-real likened the “Blurred Lines” and “Got To Give It Up” comparisons to fashion: “I see when people say they feel that, I understand that. But, the truth of the matter is silk and rayon are two different things, they just feel the same.”

Watch Pharrell’s deposition below.

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