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Boy George has either been harboring a massive celebrity secret for years or desperately needed 15 more minutes of fame before this life is over.

The once prominent 80s music star is equally renown for his Billboard hits with the Culture Club as well as his drug-fueled decline shortly after. While out filming the UK extension of The Voice, the 54-year-old singer claimed he once had sex with Prince and accepted high fives before he said he was fibbing.

Via GayTimes UK

Boy George brought filming of the latest series of The Voice to a screeching halt when he announced that he’d slept with Prince.

According to reports, Boy George made the claim while chatting to Paloma Faith about the most famous artists they’ve worked with.

Metro online reports that Boy George said: “I have duetted with some of the greatest soul singers in history including Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson.”

Paloma says: “Well OK, if we’re throwing big soul names out there I’ve performed with Prince.”

“Forget that, darling,” Boy George replies, “I’ve slept with Prince.”

A source told the Sun that the audience went into a frenzy: “We just couldn’t believe what he had come out with – and the guys in the gallery were beside themselves.

“The crowd went absolutely wild because they thought they had just witnessed a massive celebrity exclusive. The other judges thought it was brilliant, particularly

“He kept coming up to Boy George and high-fiving him, which just set the crowd off again.”

It’s been reported that Boy George began backtracking on his claim of bedding the star shortly after things calmed down.

Don’t be surprised if Boy George is sued penniless by The Purple One and his team down the line. Because you know he’s sitting up in some velvet-walled room like…

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