An allegedly drunken patron at a Five Guys burger joint in Miami Beach caught the most proper of fades. Of course, it was all caught on cell phone video. 

Reportedly the incident went down on Monday (Nov. 2) and the cops were not called.

In the video a woman with a big ass weave gets cups hurled at her by a Five Guys worker who was standing near the grill. She attempted to retaliate, and then proceeded to get lumped up by at least three workers (dude on the grill couldn’t even get near her) and was dragged by her weave wig.

Who looks like a security guard tried his best, and failed, to prevent the fisticuffs. Ol’ girl did retrieve her wig before she left the restaurant, and business continued as usual.

According to The Grio, Five Guys issued a statement about how this was unacceptable and there will be an investigation and what not. We gotta hear both sides, though.

Bruh, next time turn that phone horizontal.

Photo: YouTube

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